Vietnamese men elect the bridal in the market

posted on 26 Jan 2012 08:51 by wowuna
Modern urban civilization, and not to the Dao ethnic minority people in Vietnam too much impact, they are still living a simple life, living in northern Vietnam altitude of 1,500 meters, as usual wearing a blue dress, People used to call them "Lanyi Ren"; and because they live in relatively high terrain, while others call them "clouds on the residents."

Dao people have a "Valentine's market" has attracted many young men and women from the village, most of them unmarried. Dao people in accordance with custom, the girl will get married over 15 years of age. If this girl is too young yet to find her husband's family, only that she can not hack it, or that she was not handsome, even the girl's family also followed a loss of face, half the folks in the dwarf.

Therefore, Dao girls wish they could find Mr. Right at age 15. The "Valentine's market" gave them an opportunity. On Saturday night, is "Valentine's market" opening time. Night, the men and women to come together, looked each other first, and then chat, I feel Italian, quickly fell in love. Some even lingering until dawn.
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